Social media vs Society

Drew Benvie
Founder & CEO

Hi, I’m Drew, I am founder of Battenhall, and this is where you can follow my work and connect. I’m a consultant in applied social media and digital technologies in the fields of marketing, public relations and reputation management. 

Work & profile

Since launching Battenhall in 2013, I have built it up to be the UK’s top rated social media agency, best digital PR agency in the UK, best specialist agency in the UKbest large social media agency, best PR agency, and PRCA agency of the future, amongst others.

I wrote the Wikipedia page on Social Media in 2006, and have been an early adopter and media commentator on digital technologies since the 1990’s. I have been named the UK’s #1 most respected digital consultant by New Media Age in its 2011 Reputation Online report, I was named one of the top 25 innovators in EMEA by the Holmes Report in 2017, and am a current member of the PR Week Powerbook. 

Projects & research

I am based in London and spend my time building the Battenhall business and working with a range of global clients. I am working on a range of social media research projects which look at how social media technologies are shaping society, and trends shaping the future of communications. These research projects can be found here and include regular publications reviewing social media trends, the Battenhall Monthly, the daily Battenhall WhatsApp, the FTSE 100 Social Media Report and The Instagram Brands 100.

My current side projects include researching the impact and potential of AI in smart speakers and voice assistants on consumer communications, and in private social media such as messaging apps, groups and Stories. An update on these can be found on the Battenhall blog and my Twitter

To get in touch, here are the places I spend most of my time

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