Social media’s influence on society

I’m starting on a new piece of work looking at how social media is influencing society. The good, the bad and the ugly. How can we quantify and shape this trend? And, most importantly, what lies ahead?

I stumbled into what we now call social media in the late 1990s. Working in the communications department of a technology startup, I taught myself how to code, learnt about both public relations and software development, and saw that people were beginning to document their lives on basic blogs. I became an accidental early adopter, and later in 2006, when Facebook and Twitter began, I wrote the page on social media on Wikipedia. I saw that this whole space was starting to have an influence on society – a notion that could not be more evident than if you were to sum up the last 12 months of global affairs today.  

From the worlds of politics to consumer activism, from brand marketing to mainstream media. We have seen in 2018, more so than ever before, social media reach unparalleled levels of influence on society.  Through my work, I have quantified many years of data on social media activity in this space. 

I’m going to be researching social media’s influence on society, in the hope that I can quantify and help shape this influence for good. Here are the first areas that I’m going to focus on. 

1. The world of work 

2. Politics 

3. Media

4. Money

5. Science 

6. Culture

7. Business

As I begin making progress through these chapters of my research, I will document the data, my findings, talks and hypotheses here. You can contact me on 

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